logoThank you for your interest in volunteering with FCUSD!

    IMPORTANT: Information on this page is currently being updated for the 2022-23 school year. Thank you for your patience.

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Complete the Category 2 Form (attached) and have it SIGNED by the Principal before moving to step 2.

    2. Download a copy of the Volunteer Handbook and read thoroughly. Please sign the acknowledgement page and give it to the Parent Coordinator at the school site. 

    3. Bring the following items to the Parent Coordinator at the school site:

      • COVID vaccination.  If vaccinated, please provide proof of vaccination.  If you are not fully vaccinated, you will be required to test weekly.  

      • DOJ Clearance. Fingerprinting is offered at most UPS Stores, Live Scan Plus More, and More than a Mailbox. Take the FCUSD live scan form with you, which can be obtained from the Parent Coordinator.
      • Up-to-date TB Clearance.  TB tests are offered monthly at FCUSD TB Clinics. Also, tests can be done at any medical clinic or physician’s office. 

      • Category 2 Form – completed with approved signatures

    4. Human Resources will notify the school site when the volunteer is cleared for work. 

    5. All volunteers will be required to follow FCUSD’s current masking and safety guidelines when volunteering on campus.


    Thank you again for volunteering!

    The Governing Board recognizes that volunteer assistance in schools can enrich the educational programs, increase supervision of students, and contribute to school safety while strengthening the schools'' relationships within the community.  The Board encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with students. (BP 1240)