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SchoolDude M & O Work Orders

SchoolDude Support Page

Welcome to our SchoolDude support page!   SchoolDude is our online work order entry system used for Maintenance support requests.

Our system:

  1. allows any authorized FCUSD employee enter a work order directly, and be able to electronically track that;
  2. has someone at each site who can either approve the work order, and send that on to Maintenance to complete, OR choose to do that him or herself (say, the custodian); and to speed up services by making it easier for school or district support staff to quickly get information directly from or communicate with requestors;
  3. and to make it easier for all our users to see the current status of their work orders. 

Remember: You must use the log-in information in the instructions to access the Schooldude work order system -- NOT your network login and password!        

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Submit Transportation Work Order 

Password is FCUSDWO       

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Documentation   See left side menu for user documentation & quick reference pages