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Web CRD and Print Ordering Terminology

Print Shop Terms

If you see terminology when submitting your print jobs that you don't understand or isn't listed below contact ETIS or ask one of the guys in the print shop.

Collated   Printed pages in order 1,2,3,4 that can be grouped in stacks or sets. Collated printing in the default.  See uncollated below.
DPI Dots per Inch Print resolution - higher dpi allows for a crisper, sharper print job.  Plain text 200-300 dpi is adequate.  Complex print pages and graphics need to be 400-600 dpi minimum.  Higher dpi equates to larger file sizes.  Files from MFD/MFPs that e-mail to your inbox must be under 10 MB.  When scanning potentially larger files scan to USB drives.
Drilling   Printing term for punches through paper - 2 hole punch, 3 hole punch.
Electronic Copy   A computer file, for example Word, Powerpoint, PDF, as opposed to hard copy.  As of May 2016 all print shop request must be made utilizing electronic copy. Use a MFD to scan your papers into an electronic file.
Hard Copy   A piece of paper, printed media that you can hold in your hand.  The print shop no longer accepts hard copy, all print order must be submitted with an electronic copy of your print job.
Imposition   A printing term relating to alignment and number of items per sheet - 8 up or 10 up indicates two columns of four or two columns of five on a sheet of paper that is portrait.  Business cards are impositioned 10 up.
Landscape   Paper orientation - the short edge is to the left side.
MFD Multi Function Device Multi Function Device, or Multi Function Printers (MFP) typically are space savers as opposed to having a separate printer, a scanner, and/or copier.
 PLEX as in Duplex Number of sides the print job will be printed on - one sided, two-sided.  Two sided printing is duplex printing.
Portrait   Paper orientation - the long edge is to the left side.
Uncollated   Printing pages grouped by their page number. A stack of page one, a stack of page two, etc ... to order uncollated print jobs specify this in the remarks to printer or select the uncollated checkbox under options.
USB drive   USB or Universal Serial Bus is an interface on your computer device to insert peripherals and storage devices (drives) into to back up or transport electronic files from one place to another. USB Drives come in many shapes and sizes.  They store many GigaBytes (GB) of electronic files.  Most of our MFDs have a USB port to save scanned files that have the potential to exceed our e-mail system's capacity.   USB drives are also called thumb drives and flash drives.  Most are not waterproof so keep them out of wet and extreme temperature conditions.
WebCRD   The name of the software our electronic print submissions and print shop utilizes.  WebCRD replaced ePrintshop in April of 2016. WebCRD was created by RSA - Rochester Software Associates located in Upstate NY.