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Ordering Guidelines and Limitations

Printshop Ordering Guidelines and Limitations

  • Any B/W or color print jobs smaller than 50 copies (50 sheets total).  Please copy at your local school site.
  • All orders must be instructional based (curriculum or supplemental materials). Any copy requests for items not pertaining to curriculum will be rejected. This type of item should be printed at your school's site.
  • Work needs to be sent in print ready. Print shop is not responsible for building or rearranging PDFs sent in.  Print shop is not responsible for separating sets/units. Sets/units need to be sent in separately. Print shop will reject work with explanation why.
  • Maximum of 500 business cards per person per order.
  • Tape binding has been replaced with Dual Portrait Staple. If the order is larger than 30 books and over 85 sheets each these are your options: 

We can 3-hole punch your book.
Option 2 we can add a front and back cardstock covers to your books with 2 staples on the left to bind them. 
Option 3 if your book is larger than 100 sheets, we can add a cover and 3-hole punch only.

  • Square Fold/ Saddle Stitch Booklets:  Up to 32 sheets with wrap around cover and 2 staples in the spine.  200 books of this type will be our maximum run any orders larger than 200 books will be processed with covers and 3-hole punched.
  • Color Copies:  A maximum of 1500 sheets of 8.5x11 one sided color copy per order.  If your job is 2 sided or on 11x17 the maximum per order is 750 sheets of color copy.  Any color orders larger than 1500 sheets will require a chargeback to the requestor budget.  This type of order must be approved by the Lead Printer and the requestor. No exceptions.