being bullied?

To the parents:
If your child is ever feeling bullied PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
The first thing I do is ask if they told the "bully" to stop (or something that told the bully that they don't like what is being done by them).
More than 90% of the time the "bully" is going to say, "I was just joking around." That is why the Sutter Anti-Bullying Motto is:
I make it clear to the "bully" that what they are doing is intimidating and that it WILL STOP. Depending upon the severity of the incident it can result in a conflict resolution with an apology or disciplinary action with a "due process" form sent home or a "class suspension." More severe cases are sent to Mr. Garmston our vice-principal.
I can handle the incidences in many ways based upon the situation. Sometimes it will be handled with both victim/bully involved or simply talking to the bully alone while keeping the victim confidential. Either way, I want to get to the root of the problem and have it STOP.
I want ALL my students to feel safe in my P.E. class, as well as at Sutter Middle School.
Again, please email me or leave me a voice mail (985-3644) Ext. 1431 and I will engage in the matter quickly.
Mr. Wilkin
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