DANCE FINAL (Great info here!)

Our dance unit is the signature unit of our P.E. program. Every Sutter student receives this mandated state standard unit for 2 weeks. My 7th graders will have their dance unit traditionally in the 1st trimester (September).
We require all students to dress up for the dance final to promote the social etiquette they receive during the unit. Besides, it's a fun way for students to appreciate and show off all the new dances they've learned.
THE DANCE FINAL IS USUALLY THE LAST DAY OF OUR 2 WEEK UNIT ON A FRIDAY. PLEASE ASK YOUR CHILD AND/OR CHECK THE BULLETIN FOR THE SPECIFIC DATE (which is posted the 2nd week of our unit). We remind them EVERYDAY as to the expectations/requirements and the date of the dance final.
Dances learned (but subject to change)...
Note: 7th grade standards recommend "cultural" dances.
-Electric Slide (great for weddings!)
-Pata Pata (African Folk Dance) - maybe
-The Hustle (70's culture) ;-)
-Brain Boostin' Boogie (A student favorite!)
-Virginia Reel (A "safe" hand-holding couples dance.)
-D'Hammer (German Folk Dance)
-Hukilau (Hawaiin)
Dressing Up:
1. Boys wear a tie, collar shirt, and nice pants like khakis or slacks. If nice pants cannot be obtained, please talk to your P.E. teacher about wearing dark jeans. WE ARE FLEXIBLE AND WILL ALWAYS WORK SOMETHING OUT. Just talk to the teacher PRIOR to the dance final or P.E. clothes will be worn in lieu of dressing up. We want to make this a positive thing on this day.
2. Please reserve a tie with me, if needed, PRIOR to the dance final (not the day of the dance final). We have collar shirts if needed too!
3. Girls will wear something appropriate and nice as well.
4. Students are NOT asked to purchase any clothing for our Dance Final. Again, just talk to us about it and we'll always work something out.
Parents are invited!
Yes parents... If you'd like to attend our dance final, please check in with the office and bring a camera to take pictures of your child in action in the gym during their scheduled P.E. period.
Any questions?
Feel free to contact Mr. Wilkin at...
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