Category 2 Volunteer Form



You will need to have a:

copy of a TB clearance turned in with this paperwork, then:

1. Turn all the paperwork to Cordova HS office for a Principal signature.

2. After the signature, a phone call will follow to pick up your paperwork.

3. Visit the District Education Services Center (aka District office) for fingerprinting.

4. They will take care of you there, then you will be a qualified volunteer at CHS!


This is good for the school year, then you will need to reapply, without the fingerprinting. When your TB clearance expires, submit a new one with paperwork.

Your approved volunteer status is only good at the schools that you apply each year.

Fingerprinting is not always required when you have been approved at another site.


VolunteerFormCat2.pdf, 757.8 KB; (Last Modified on January 17, 2020)