U.S. History Newsletter #8

Posted by Alex Dash on 10/16/2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,
My apologies on the delayed newsletter! I have been trying to keep them up weekly and hope this lapse of communication won't be repeated.
What a superb class of juniors we have. I really enjoy these students. It was a wonderful 2 weeks of teaching and learning.
The week of midterms, we had a WWII artifact study (see pictures!) with actual objects from the 1940s. Students handled (with gloves on!), described, and analyzed objects such as ration card books, license plates made of soybeans (to conserve metal), letters to soldiers, dogtags, and more. Ask them to tell you about it! We also had a study hall day, followed by the midterm. The average grade on the midterm was 70%. Most grades stayed the same or dropped a fraction.
This week, we jumped into Unit 4 - the Cold War. We had a fun Spy Mission activity to understand the rigors of Cold War espionage. We also played the Dot Game to understand the fear and paranoia of McCarthyism and Americans turning on each other. Students practiced the skills of speaking and listening in their groups, reading comprehension and synthesis of multiple sources.
Shoutouts to Arushi Mishra, Dan Black, Jennifer Cole, Dylan Gouveia, Sankhia Bhatt, Gavin Williams, and Tyler Millard for improvement and top scores on the midterm! I'm really proud of all these amazing Eagles here at Vista!
Next week, we will continue with post WWII America, turning our attention to segregation and the Civil Rights Movement.
The next test is Unit 4 on November 8th. Students can best study by being able to explain their study guide (at the back of the unit 4 Notebook) out loud without looking, or writing it down from memory.
In case email isn't the best method of reaching you, these newsletters are also on my Vista teacher website.
Thank you for entrusting me with teaching your child.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Have a great weekend.