Government and Economics Newsletter #9

Dear Parents and Guardians,
My apologies for missing the newsletter last week during finals! I hope the lapse in communication did not cause any issues. I will keep trying to get these out weekly.
What a mature class of seniors we have. Continuing to get to know them is a true joy!
Last week, we finished Government, had a study hall day, and took the Government final exam. Most grades remained the same as they had been all quarter, and a few improved. Those grades are finalized.
This week, we began our Economics class and practiced applying basic economic concepts to help our lives. We completed Lecture 1:A and Student Notebook 1:A. Ask your student about how opportunity cost can influence their thinking, or how understanding the economic definition of scarcity might influence their career choice!
Shoutouts to Gabriel "Babz" Babiano and Hannah Hohloch for excellent work on the Government final Writing Free Response Question, and Brandon Black and Srinand Vasudevan for setting the high score on the multiple-choice portion. I'm really proud of all these amazing Eagles here at Vista!
Next week, we will work on Unit 1, Part B: Free Enterprise, and other Economic Systems.
The next test is Friday, October 29th, and will be on Unit 1 Part A: The Problem of Scarcity, Unit 1 Part BB: Free Enterprise and other Economic Systems, and Unit 1 Part C: International Economics and Trade Students can best study by explaining their class notes and notebook questions out loud without looking or writing them down without looking.
In case email isn't the best method of reaching you, these newsletters are also on my Vista teacher website.
Thank you for entrusting me with teaching your child.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any concerns.
Have a great weekend.