Government and Economics Newsletter #8

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Class of 2022 continues to impress me with their thoughtfulness, intelligence, and maturity. It was another wonderful week of teaching and learning.

This week, we learned about the legislative process and practiced transferring knowledge from text to diagrams with the Bill to Law assignment. We heard from several student groups with current events and peer lectures, and we wrapped up with a community circle today in which students shared their feelings on graduation and next steps in life. A lot of excitement - and nerves - in the room. Students were brave and vulnerable in sharing their fears and excitement. I told them they would each be fine and make it in their own way.

Shoutouts to Jacob Risch for winning the gerrymandering game, Carlos Zelaya for explaining the powers of the presidency, and Emy Blanton for coordinating an activity about the executive branch. I'm really proud of all these amazing Eagles here at Vista!

Next week, we will finish our lesson on the electoral college then discuss judicial review on Monday and Tuesday. We'll have a study hall day Wednesday, and the midterm Thursday. The study guide is on google classroom - students should be able to explain the concepts out loud without looking at their notes.

In case email isn't the best method of reaching you, these newsletters are also on my Vista teacher website.

Thank you for entrusting me with teaching your child. Please don't hesitate to email me with any concerns.

Have a great weekend.