Government and Economics Newsletter #5

Dear Parents and Guardians,
What a wonderful senior class we have! They continue to impress me with their maturity, amuse me with their wit, and get work done!
Last week we continued to discuss politics and political parties, using the political spectrum notes as a guide. I LOVE teaching this material and helping students understand how elections and voting work, and how parties represent ideologies and issues. We have begun to do Peer Lectures and Current Events presentations - directions are on Google Classroom. We finished all make up tests for Unit 1! Retakes will be in class on Friday. Grades for this grading period are posted.
Looking ahead, the "Government" part of this class is Quarter 1 and goes till the October midterms on October 7th, then those Q1 grades go on the transcript. After that, we switch to the "Economics" part of this class on October 11th, and in December those Q2 grades go on the transcript. I wish I had all year with them; I love teaching this material so much! But alas, so it goes.
Shoutouts to Kalveer Nagra, Srinand Vasudevan, Sam Axelson, and Armeen Emami for excellent work and understanding of government on the Unit 1 test, and great Peer Lectures!!
This week we are continuing to work on political parties. The next test, for Unit 2, will be next Monday, 9/20.
I will start to post these updates on my teacher page in case email isn't the best way to reach you.
As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Have a great evening.
Alex Dash