Spring break is on

Posted by Jemina Jones on 4/5/2020

We are officially on spring break through Monday, 12 April. We get the day after Easter Sunday off, and we resume online instruction, via Schoology, on Tuesday, 13 April. 

What should students be "working" on? 

Officially nothing. But, if your son or daughter is still not caught up with Units 1-5, this is a good opportunity to do so :)

We can't "grade" assignments, yet, but I imagine we will be able to do so, soon, somehow, to determine an "equitable" letter grade for Semester 2.

As I've mentioned to several of you already, this is a new era in schooling... We get to redefine "grading", for example; and this is really an exciting time to be an educator.

I'm advocating for a an adjusted 3rd Quarter grade; whereby students can, during the 4th Quarter "instruction period", earn a higher grade, only, but not more than a letter grade... BECAUSE home support is not the same for everyone...

Which is why I'm encouraging ALL students to get caught up with Units 1-5, first.

Here's something fun: Find a way to make flashcards ONLINE! (Try something like Quizzet)

Same thing goes for Vocab Logs... We're going to "learn" how to make a "portfolio" online (For now, it will be as simple as turning in a 10-12 slide presentation :)



What does Direct Instruction look like, now?

I will be providing structured instruction time, starting next week 13 Tuesday. By the end of this week, I will be posting an official schedule for LIVE Conference hours; for which students simply need to show up.

On a daily basis, student should log into Schoology, first; Even if their teachers don't have material posted there, yet. 

After signing in, if teachers don't have material posted on Schoology, strudents can go to Google Classroom. Please defer to individual teachers.

Google Classroom will continue to be the main learning platform for many teachers, but please, first log into Schoology.

I will keep using Goolge Classrom for two weeks after Spring Break. Starting Moday, 27 April, I'm hoping to only be using Schoology. 

My goal is to post daily; Students will have access to a short insructional video and a "Question" in the morning and meet with other students for a LIVE Conference at 10AM and/or 12:15PM. Here, students will have the opportunity to ask questions about the day's lesson. I'm also thinking of creating a "Fun Room" where students can socialize... If you have any suggestions for how to make this new mode of learning a more engaging process, drop me a line, please.

If any or all of this is simply TOO much right now, it's okay. Students are NOT going to be penalized.

It hasn't been officially decided, but in terms of "grading," most everyone is leaning towards a "grades can't go lower than the grade already earned for 3rd Quarter" policy.

Parents, please hang in there. Know that I'm here to support you, as well, and will do my best to provide your son/daughter with a valuable learning experience, for the remainder of the school year, despite the fact that absolutely nothing is "normal" right now.



Please continue to check the school website for the latest updates.

I will make updates on this page regularly, through the end of the school year.


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