Q: What will happen when houses are built south of Highway 50? Is there room for these new students?

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A: Students living south of Highway 50 will attend District schools north of 50 until new schools south of the freeway are built. Folsom High has capacity to handle expected student growth in the short-term.

The first school to be built south of 50 will be an elementary school. It is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020. Additional elementary schools, a high school and a middle school will be built next as housing growth dictates. Those plans are in development. Here is more information.

A school must have enough enrollment to support its operating expenses - teachers, custodians, bus drivers, and utilities for example. It takes about 250 students to open an elementary school, about 450 students to open a middle school, and about 650 to open a high school. It is anticipated that it will be several years before new housing developments south of 50 generate enough high school students to support the operation of a new school.