Q: Are there adequate alternatives to driving that my student can take advantage of?

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A: Carpooling: While current laws place restrictions on minors transporting other minors, there are exceptions. California Vehicle Code allows exceptions when related to schooling or a school-authorized activity and the other minor transported is an immediate family member/sibling. A parent-signed note explaining the necessity to drive, including the beginning and ending date for the necessity, must be kept in the driver’s possession. Additionally, minors driving for 12 months without incident may transport passengers under the age of 20. Please visit the DMV website for more details.

FCUSD Transportation: Check our Transportation website for routes and time schedules that serve Vista del Lago: www.fcusd.org/transportation. The 2018-19 Bus Pass Application is available by clicking the following link: 2018-19 BUS PASS APPLICATION.

Public Transit: The City of Folsom offers reduced rates for students/youth. One-way fares are $1.25 for anyone under age 18. The City also accepts Regional Transit Student Discount Monthly Pass--which currently costs $20. Route 20 is located and timed to best serve Vista del Lago students. It covers surrounding neighborhoods and is timed to our bell schedule. There is a stop right in front of the school. For more information on Folsom Stage Lines and Route 20, follow this link.

Walking and Biking: Vista encourages students to lead lifestyles that are healthy, safe, and more environmentally sustainable than single-occupancy driving, including walking and biking. There are several well-maintained bike paths in the neighborhood that provide for safe bicycle travel. There are two bike racks for Vista students, one near the Wrestling Room and one near the Library. Students need to bring their own bike locks. Vista is also considering installing a skateboard lock rack, should there be enough interest.