Q: What can the District and City of Folsom do to minimize parking issues at Vista?

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A: The City of Folsom has been a valued partner in offering solutions to alleviate parking demand for Vista students:

In April 2019, city officials created 11 new parking spaces along the north side of Broadstone (the side opposite from the school) between McComber Drive and Serpa Way. 

Recently, city officials reiterated that the access road leading down to Nisenan Park is also open on either side for student parking, which can yield 32 spaces.

Additionally, city staff intend to provide a report to Folsom’s Parks and Recreation Commission recommending that the Nisenan parking lot be signed to designate certain spots for public parking, which could be used for Vista students, yielding another approximately 20 spaces.    

City and school district officials have previously discussed a proposal to develop a temporary gravel parking lot on a City-owned park site located east of campus. According to engineers, the cost of this project could reach $100,000 or more due to regulatory and accessibility requirements - a permanently paved lot could cost more than four times as much - and the District does not believe funding this short-term solution would be an appropriate use of taxpayer funds at a time when it is approaching budget cutbacks.