FCEA & FCUSD Joint Negotiations Update: January 2019

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Negotiating teams from the Folsom Cordova Unified School District and the Folsom Cordova Education Association (FCEA) have reached agreement on proposed revisions to the Counselor job description.

The new job description would include the following language under the position’s listed responsibilities: “Collaborate with administration and teachers as a member of the 504 Education Plan team.”

Moving forward, our secondary administrative staff will be present at 504 meetings, act in the capacity of the administrator, assign/distribute referrals to counselors, serve as point of contact for District 504 coordinator, and ensure that 504 plan is implemented properly. As such, our intended practice will be to avoid using counselors as the administrative designee. Additionally, counselors will continue to act as the point-of-contact for staff and parents, notify parents/ staff of referrals and meeting requests, complete/distribute forms and 504 plans, schedule/convene 504 meetings, and ensure appropriate staff have necessary information to implement 504 plans.

The proposed revisions will be taken to the Board of Education for recommended approval at its Feb. 7 meeting. Once approved, administrators at each school site will work with counselors as a team to ensure 504 Education Plans are appropriately implemented.

Next bargaining meeting: Feb. 21, 2019