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It is crucial to constantly update Naviance and notify Counselors/Teachers if any changes are made to student’s colleges, deadlines, or applications.

Failure to keep all parties (Naviance, Counselor, and Teachers) updated could result in a delay of your documents required for colleges to process your application.


Current Folsom High Students:

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Class of 2020 - College Bound

Class of 2020 - Letter of Rec Packet

Class of 2020 - College Applications at a glance - guidelines for CSU, UC, Common App 


 What is Naviance?

Naviance is a web-based college and career exploration tool providing a number of resources in one place, including, but not limited to the following:

· Career and Personality Interest Inventories

· Career Exploration including job descriptions, required education, salaries and skills.

· College search options that can be tailored to your specifications (location, size, etc.), including links to college websites and information about admissions requirements and deadlines.

· Tools for building your college list and managing your applications.

· Scattergrams that show how you compare to other Folsom High students, in terms of GPA applying to a certain campus.

· Searching for scholarships.