A Long and Wet Winter

Posted by Barbra Mc Kenna on 2/6/2017

Its been awhile since I've posted, but in between all the rain I have been in the garden.  The students and I have harvested and eaten broccoli, kale, swiss chard and carrots.  Carrots are very popular, so we have planted more!  They take 2-1/2 months before you can harvest, so we will continue to plant seeds so we can enjoy them until the end of school.

We have many bulbs coming up; daffodils, tulips, anemones, ranunculas, fressia, even a crocus came up last week.  We have planted dozens of violas in and around the bulbs.  When the weather warms up, and the sun shines, our Spring garden will be beautiful, and I can't wait.

The good news is that with all this rain, we won't have to worry so much about watering during the summer.

I'm hoping I will be able to start building another raised bed in the Preschool/Kindergarten, as well as asembling a Greenhouse with my Eagle Scout Wyatt Smith and his father, who helped me last year.