Winter Time

Posted by Barbra Mc Kenna on 12/26/2016

It's Christmas break and all is well at the school garden.  With the freezing weather the last few nights,

we lost a few plants, but generally all of our carrots, beets, brocoli, kale, swiss chart and sweet peas are doing well.

Some of the bulbs we planted last year are starting to poke up through the soil.  I am going to plant

Johnny Jump Ups (violas) in and arround the bulbs.  When the bulbs are blooming the violas will be

climbing up their stems, and it will be very colorful.  We have daffodils, tulips, freesia, anenomes, crocus,

and hyacinths to look forward to come Spring.  I hope all of you have a holiday season of peace and joy.