Garden Transition

Posted by Barbra Mc Kenna on 9/10/2016

The students helped me cut back and pull out the tomatoes, green beans, cantalope vines, and some sunflowers.  We will supplement the garden beds with compost for the new seedlings that will be planted in about 4-6 weeks.

I visited Soil Born Farms and brought seedlings for the students.  We planted spinach, arugula and romaine lettuce seedlings in bed #2.  The first graders planted seed tapes of carrots, beets and green onions, in bed #3 and they have already started to sprout.

Mrs. Bamberger's class will be planting seeds of Italian broccoli, Italian red onions, and heirloom beets in their classroom.  In 4-6 weeks we will plant them in garden bed #1.

We are all enjoying the zinnias and sunflowers, and alll the butterflies, dragon flies, humming birds that are buzzing around, not to mention the bees.

I want to thank Eun Nichols and Sudha Shankar for taking their time to help me in the garden during recess time.  

We have had a few instances of vandalism in the garden, and because of this I will be putting two latches on our garden shed, and they will  have a lock on them.  Jessica Cheney is bringing a cordless drill to help me do this on Sunday, and thank you for helping me Jessica.

I hope you have had time to see all the sunflowers in the preschool/kinder garden.  During the summer I planted a few pumpkin seeds and they are starting to grow, however, I haven't seen any pumpkins yet.

Thank you for taking an interest in the children's garden, I really appreciate it.