Gearing up for Fall/Winter planting

Posted by Barbra Mc Kenna on 8/27/2016

This last week the students and I have been digging up old sunflower plants, green beans and cucumber vines.  We are getting the beds ready for new seedlings.  We will be planting Italian Broccoli, Carrots, Italian Red Onions, Leeks and Heirloom Beets. Next week we will put the seedling in small six packs and I will place them in my Greenhouse for about a month.  Then we will transplant them into the garden beds.  In fact, the 1st and 2nd graders planted seeds tapes for carrots, green onions and beets on Friday.  The warm sun and days will help these seeds sprout in about two weeks.

In the preschool/kinder garden some of Mrs. Young's afternoon class pulled carrots, much to their surprise.  They were going to wash them and have them for afternoon snack.  What fun.

Please join me in the garden if you can, I am there from 9:30-noon.