Back to School

Posted by Barbra Mc Kenna on 8/15/2016

What an exciting week we had, with everybody returning to school and lots of new faces in the garden.

I spent  a lot of time watering this summer and enjoying the fruits of my labor, with strawberries and tomatoes.

The student are harvesting the tomatoes and green beans, and next week we will start to clear them out of the garden beds and prepare the soil for new plantings.  Mrs. Bamberger's class will be starting new seeds of broccolini and marigolds.

If you have the time to volunteeer one day a week during recess to help me please contact me at 415-453-3807 or

Miss Charlotte has moved on since her son is now attending Sutter Middle School, and I miss her already.  She came in every Tuesday and Thursday during recess with lots of great ideas.  

See you in the garden.