Bellringer Set-up

The bellringer is a daily assignment graded to asses classroom participation. There are two questions posted on the board when students walk in. One is titled bellringer and is something students should know when the bell rings. The other is called a before you go and students should be able to complete that question before they leave class that day.


Their paper is set up in two columns one for the Bellringers and one for the Before you go. Students are to respond to the questions using a complete sentence that encompasses the question and an appropriate answer.


The paper containing a week's worth of bellringers and before you go is to be submitted on Friday. Students should submit the paper to the appropriate class period bin the back of the room.


Each bellringer and Before you go is worth 1 point, provided it is written in a complete sentence.


If a student is concerned about what he may be doing wrong he is welcome to check the graded work bin and we can discuss his/her concerns.


If he/she is absent they must see me during homeroom in order to get the missing questions. 

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