Register My Student for School?

Each school has a slightly different registration process.  Please visit your school's website for specific instructions on registration dates/times and packets or visit the Elementary Instruction web site for Kindergarten and new Elementary Student Registration.
Generally, in order to register your child you will need to provide the following information: 
  • Proof of immunizations
  • Previous report card or transcript, if available
  • IEP, if available
  • Verification of Residency as defined Ed Code 48204.1 (but not limited to)
  • Utility Service Contracts, statements, payment receipts, Government Documents, Driver’s License or non-government issued photo ID, Voter Registration, Property Taxes, or Pay Stub, declaration of residency, or correspondence from a government agency may be submitted.

Ed Code 48002 states that any of the documents listed proof of age is acceptable:

  • Certified copy of birth record or statement by the local register or county recorder certifying birth date
  • Baptism certificate duly attested
  • Passport
  • An affidavit of the parent, guardian, or custodian of the minor
  • Or, any other means of providing the age of the child as proscribed by the governing board of the school district

If you've received a letter in the mail with instructions to register your student in INFOSNAP please click here


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