Phones Free in 23 24

phones free

Phone Free Environment for 2023-2024 

Students in grades 6-8th may use their cell phones, smart watches, and other mobile communication devices on campus before the first bell and after the last bell. BP 5131.8

All mobile communication devices shall be turned off and out of sight from 8:25 am until after dismissal. Cell phone violations will result in an office referral.

Click here to learn about why we are going phone free 

Click here to see the cell phone policy and violation consequences

Yondr pouches will be distributed to each student on Monday, August 21. To view the advisory lesson and to learn more about how Yondr works, click here. These will be used as a tool for supporting our cell phone free environment. During the first two weeks of school, lessons in advisory will be presented and more information will be sent to families. 

Click here to learn more about Yondr. 

Click here to learn more about Yondr (Spanish version).