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School Attendance

Please notify the school office every day that your child is absent from Carl Sundahl, (even during distance learning).  To report an absence, please dial 916-294-2425 and press 1 for the attendance line.  Please state:

Student's name

Teacher's name

Date of absence

Reason for the absence (illness, vacation, appointments, etc.)

Daily attendance is taken by teachers.  If a student does not log into their teacher's Teams or Zoom meeting each morning, and does not submit activities/assignments to their teacher in either SeeSaw or Google Classrom, they will be marked as absent from school for that day (Distance Learning Absent = DLA).

If your child has been seen by a medical professional, it would be appreciated if you could bring into the school office the doctor's note to enable us to have your child's absence medically verified.

A student is allowed 10 days of parent verified absences due to illness.  After 10 days, we require a doctor's note to clear any absences thereafter.

Please note that vacations and absences other than illness are considered unexcused and will generate truancy letters.


Independent Study:

If your family is planning to be absent within the school year, and will be absent for 5 days or more, please visit the office and request an Independent Study Agreement.  In order for an Independent Study to be granted, it must be requested at least a minimum of one week in advance.  Please do not go through the classroom teacher, but rather contact the office directly.