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Capture the Memories in this Year's Yearbook

Purchase and customize your yearbook (Must be a parent or student 13 years or older).

1. Go to

2. Enter your school's passcode: 1016105864004584

Regular Price: $16.47 (after April 15 order deadline, there will be a shipping fee and the book will be delivered directly to your home address and not the school)

Customize 2 free pages:

  • Add photos from our computer, Facebok, Instagram, Google Drive and more.
  • Answer fun Memory Questions to help remember the year.
  • The 2 Custom Pages are FREE and are printed ONLY in your book.  Want more pages? Each additional 2 pages is just $0.99.


Treering flyers:

TreeRing Flyer

How to Create your TreeRing Account

How to create your 2 Free Custom Pages