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Community Education Center offers expanding alternative educational opportunities

The Community Education Center, located at 10850 Gadsten Way, opened in 1989 after the closure of the Walnutwood Elementary School and houses several successful Folsom Cordova alternative education programs, such as Walnutwood High School and Adult Education.

Programs at Walnutwood HS are:

  • Independent Study Program
  • Adolescent Parent Program
  • Medical Independent Student Program

The Community Education Center is also the site of a multi-agency partnership between FCUSD, Folsom Cordova Community Partnership (FCCP) and Sacramento Works; a collaboration which operates the Job Center for workforce development and job placement.

In the 2021-22 school year, the District will split the Active Community Transition Training program (ACTT) program, originally located at Folsom Lake High School’s former site and relocate them between Folsom High School and the Community Education Center to meet the needs of students across the District. The ACTT program serves special education students ages 18-22, providing education and skills training for independent living.

As the Community Education Center expands, the District is installing portables to meet the growing needs of staff and students.

Folsom Cordova Unified School District has two Continuation High Schools:

Folsom Lake High School, newly re-located on Folsom High School's campus and Kinney High School, located at 2710 Kilgore Road in Rancho Cordova. Both schools serve students who are at-risk of not graduating and neither are a part of the Community Education Center or the programs on Gadsten Way.

Continuation Education: Board Policy 6184

The Governing Board shall provide a continuation education program as an option for at-risk students who may need a flexible educational environment. The continuation education program shall be designed to meet the educational needs of each student, provide an opportunity for participating students to complete the required course of instruction necessary to graduate from high school, emphasize occupational orientation or a work study schedule, and offer intensive guidance services.

A student may be involuntarily transferred into a continuation education program in accordance with law and administrative regulation. (Education Code 48432.5)

With the consent of the Superintendent or designee, a student may voluntarily enroll in continuation classes in order to receive special attention such as individualized instruction. (Education Code 48432, 48432.3, 48432.5)

NOTE: There is no FCUSD policy which states a student must have a criminal history to be admitted into a continuation education program. Furthermore, FCUSD works collaboratively with local law enforcement who always takes the lead with regard to criminal activity and ensuing investigations whether on or off school campuses.