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Any students not attending the first day of school due to travel are at risk of being disenrolled.


Reporting Daily Absences

One of the most successful elements of learning is regular, on-time attendance at school.

Contact the Mangini Ranch school office each and every day your student is absent from school.  To report an absence, call 916-294-2460 and press 1 for the attendance line or email the school clerk at Please include the following information when reporting an absence:

  • student's first and last name
  • Teacher's name
  • date of absence
  • reason for absence (illness, doctor/dentist appointment, funeral, out of town, etc.)
  • your name and relationship to the student

Independent Study Agreements

Please plan vacations and family trips during school holidays. Pulling students out of school causes disruption to their learning and can be very challenging for our staff. Please note, vacations are considered and unexcused absence unless an Independent Study is initiated.

Independent Study, there is a 3-day minimum and a maximum of 14 days per school year. .  This is a mandate from the CA Dept. of Education  The independent study agreement must be signed within 14 calendar days prior to the independent study start date. 
There is no independent study for the first two weeks of the school year and the last two weeks of the school year.

Very Important: Assigned Independent Study work must be turned in upon the student’s scheduled return to school.

PLEASE NOTE: Independent Study Agreements will not be issued if a student is not able to physically return to school for the last 2 weeks of the school year. 

Students who make travel plans that extend through the end of the school year will be disenrolled and may lose their spot at MRE for the upcoming school year.

Please call or visit the school office for more information about Independent Study Agreements or end of the year attendance.

Additionally, any students who miss any days during the last two weeks of school for travel are at risk of being dis-enrolled. If your student is dis-enrolled you will have to re-enroll upon your return and risk losing their spot at Mangini for the 2023/2024 school year.