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Daily Bulletin

October 31, 2019  


  • The Ryde FreeRT program offered through the Sacramento Regional Transit District is offering Folsom Cordova students fare-free transit any time of the day!  Bring your student ID card to the main office to see Mrs. Stacey for your sticker. One RT sticker per student only. 
  • Reminder for bus riders to get a courtesy pass at lunch if you forgot your bus pass.  
  • Club Live will be meeting after school on Friday. Come to room 17 on Friday and prepare to have fun.
  • It’s Maker Space day in the library. Stop by after you eat lunch to explore, create and discover.
  • Ok, students, it’s time for Sailing Thursday. Teachers, please check the red sending tab on the spreadsheet and send your students to their requesting classes right now. 

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours and remember be the nice kid!