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VIDEO: Principal donates her car to grandmother of student

Lorraine Testut is the guardian of her grandaughter Dottie Kampf, who just finished first grade at Cordova Gardens Elementary in Rancho Cordova. The Principal of her school, Karen Redfield, is retiring, and at the end of the school year, she asked to meet with Lorraine and asked if she could donate her car to her.

Dottie has been a student at the school since kindergarten, during her first year they had to move a lot further away. Lorraine wanted to keep consistency in her education and not move her to a different school, so over the course of the past couple years, Karen and staff at the school witnessed Lorraine walking her granddaughter to school daily in the rain, wind or extreme heat.

Lorraine at one point had made fliers for a Recycle Drive to collect cans and bottles, to try to raise money for a vehicle without success. So the school helped with a bus pass, but that still included quite the long walk. Redfield said it was the right thing to do, to donate her car to Lorraine and was inspired by the grandma's dedication to her Dottie's education.