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PHOTOS: Homeschool charter students celebrate milestones

As Folsom Cordova schools kicked off a weeks' worth of graduations and promotions, 25 students in the district's unique homeschool charter programgathered with loved ones and their teachers to celebrate their growth and accomplishments. 
The eighth-graders and their families shared numerous testimonials about how the Folsom Cordova Community Charter School - a TK-8 program that allows parents to choose homeschool while getting regular support from veteran District teachers - helped families reach their goals. The program is housed on a sprawling campus that offers weekly workshops designed to personalize learning.  
Some chose the homeschool program because they sought an alternative to middle school. Others had talents or interests families desired to nurture on a nontraditional schedule. Regardless of the reason, families lined up to share their success stories and express gratitude for the unique bonds built with the program's staff, through regular workshops and activities designed to personalize learning.  
PHOTOS: Visit the homeschool program's Facebook page for snapshots from this week's ceremony.
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