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Folsom High students earn big at Academic State Decathlon

Nine students from Folsom High competed in the State Academic Decathlon, earning top honors.

The state competition was help March 22-25, over 600 students competed in the competition. Folsom High's team scored nearly 50,000 points landing in the top 20 overall in the state.

Sean Kniznik earned a perfect score of 1,000 in Interview and Anish Adoni earned a perfect score in math of 1,000 in math, both students took home gold medals.

Pardhu Konakanchi earned five medals: silver in Art, silver in Math, silver in Social Science, bronze in Economics and a gold in Science with a perfect score of 1,000! 

The FHS team members that competed in the competition were: seniors Anish Adoni, Tiffany Arroyo, Lester Espinosa, Brayden Gardener, Sean Kniznik, Pardhu Konakanchi, Evan Shong, and sophomores Prateek Sane and Esther Thomas.