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Student Summer Success Stories

Walnutwood Grad Photo

As the beginning of a new school year draws near, Folsom Cordova Unified School District is thrilled to reflect on the incredible learning and growth our students have experienced over the summer months. 📚✨

This summer, the 2023 Expanded Learning Opportunities Summer Program provided a nurturing haven for our students across seven elementary schools and one middle school including: Theodore Judah, Cordova Meadows, Cordova Villa, Peter J. Shields, Rancho Cordova, White Rock, and Williamson and Mills Middle School. Over 20 nine-and-a-half-hour days, students united in a safe and supportive environment, where academics, enrichment, and recreational activities flourished. Students engaged in culinary exploration as budding chefs honed their culinary skills. Students learned about nutritional awareness, and embraced the rich tapestry of cultural food. They also delved into the art world where they had experience with a variety of art media,  and welcomed the beautiful concept of embracing mistakes as part of the artistic process. Through these adventures, our students discovered new skills and a heightened self-confidence, embodying the spirit of the summer program.

At Natoma Station Elementary, a summer of hands-on learning came to life within the walls of Ms. Hopkins' ESY classroom. Enthusiastic students embarked on an exciting journey, guided by a dedicated team of teachers and instructional assistants from various school sites. This exceptional experience enriched not only the students' social and emotional growth but also empowered educators to embrace innovative teaching practices and learning strategies. 

The 2023 Career Technical Education Summer Preceptorship Program provided an invaluable glimpse into the professional workforce for our students. Through internships with esteemed local organizations and businesses, including within FCUSD, students gained a unique, immersive learning experience. This summer, our FCUSD Office of Communication and Community Engagement had the pleasure of mentoring Nilakssi Nadarasa, an incoming Folsom High School senior. She dove into the world of professional communication and storytelling, learning to interview subjects, master a DSLR camera, and create compelling visual stories. 

The commendable dedication and achievements of students were prominently displayed as they excelled in both FCCLA and Skills USA, earning their rightful places at the prestigious national conferences. Three students from Cordova High School FCCLA proudly represented at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference held at the Colorado Convention Center. During the conference talented students, Giselle Villalobos Armas, Ashley Alverez Martinez, and Joseph Campos showcased their exceptional knowledge and dedication by participating in various events. Campos earned a prestigious Silver medal at the Food Innovations competition, showcasing his commitment and creativity by devising a new cookie recipe with under 10 grams of sugar. Targeting fellow high school students to promote healthier choices, his impactful project reflects both his unwavering passion and the collaborative effort that led to this outstanding national recognition. 

Students from Folsom High School and Vista del Lago High School embarked on a journey to Atlanta, GA, to participate in the 59th annual National Leadership & Skills Conference hosted by SkillsUSA. Grayson Bradford, a skilled 11th grader showcased his prowess in CNC 3-Axis Milling Programmer, while 9th graders Jayden Hoh and Srikar Vemuri, teamed up to showcase their imaginative 3-D Visualization and Animation project. Nicholas Toutges, a recent 2023 Vista del Lago graduate, represented the pinnacle of excellence in Principles of Engineering - Technology. Guiding these students were their exceptional CTE teachers, Andrew Bias and Erik Nemer. The conference also held a momentous announcement as Oviya Senthil, a senior from Folsom High School, ascended to the role of National High School President for the upcoming 2023-2024 term, a testament to her outstanding leadership. This remarkable journey not only showcased the participants' talents but also solidified their commitment to innovation and achievement in the realm of technology and engineering. 

Student VAPA camp served over 125 students at schools in Folsom and Rancho Cordova. For two weeks 10 highly qualified teachers engaged students in drama, dance, music, and a final musical performance.

Congratulations to the remarkable FCUSD summer graduates of 2023! A resounding applause goes out to the diligent students hailing from Kinney High School, Walnutwood High School, Cordova High School, and Folsom High School. This summer students walked across the stage to triumphantly cross the academic finish line, marking the culmination of their educational journey with FCUSD and the start of an exciting new chapter of their lives. We are #FCUSDproud of their dedication, perseverance, and hard work that has led them to this momentous achievement. 

As the new school year approaches, we stand in awe of the learning and growth FCUSD students have achieved over the summer. The 2023 summer programs have not only nurtured academic growth but have also kindled passions, fostered creativity, and instilled a strong sense of self-confidence. We extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated teachers, tireless staff, and the entire FCUSD community for coming together to create an environment where learning knows no bounds. As we embrace the upcoming school year, let us carry forward the lessons learned, the connections created, and the dreams kindled during these summer months. Here's to a future filled with limitless possibilities and continuous growth. 🌟📚🎓