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Two FCUSD Employees Awarded 2023 California Classified School Employees of the Year

CA Classified Employees of the Year

Two FCUSD classified employees were recently recognized as 2023 Classified School Employees of the Year by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond. There are nine categories, and FCUSD represents two of them.

The 2023 FCUSD Classified School Employees of the Year are:

Custodial and Maintenance Services: Kerry Wedel, Head Custodian, Blanche Sprentz Elementary School, (20 years of service)

Despite the loss of the multipurpose room and cafeteria due to a complete remodel, the addition of a large tent to replace the cafeteria, and the replacement of teacher and student furniture, Kerry Wedel is consistently positive and energetic. She takes time to greet students, families, and staff as she cleans up leaves, power washes cafeteria tables, and completes daily work orders for issues like clogged drains. Wedel is very observant and attuned to the needs of her school community and takes the initiative to problem-solve and remedy situations—often before others ever see them.

Health and Student Services: Amber Dimas, Health Assistant, Kinney High School, (five years of service)

Amber Dimas is an incredible team member who demonstrates excellence in performing her duties taking care of students and staff as a Health Assistant at Kinney High School. She is ready to help at all times, but especially in times of crisis, with calm and well-reasoned responses. She develops systems of care to make delivery of services more efficient as well as demonstrates a high level of individualized care for all students on campus. Dimas truly comes from a whole-child approach and actively engages in supporting students with all their health needs. With her history and experience, Dimas provides those in need with connections to resources or referrals to appropriate support persons.

Congratulations to Kerry Wedel and Amber Dimas! Their dedication to our students, schools and colleagues was noticed at the state level.