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Folsom High students featured on ABC10's Teen Talk to discuss stress

ABC10's Monica Woods did a special report called Teen Talk in which she talked about stress with Folsom High juniors and seniors.

A group of driven FHS students met up with Woods before Winter Break to discuss the pressures to be successful in both academics and extracurricular activities.

The video story gives an unfiltered perspective of our students' voices about how they seek to find balance and be successful according to what they believe are societal standards.

Finals week can be stressful, so before Winter Break 12/10-12/14,  the student leadership class at Folsom High hosted a Wellness Week for students with different themes each day: Mindful Monday focusing on gratitude, Turn the Lights off Tuesday, encouraging the importance of sleep, Well Balanced Wednesday, sharing the importance of a healthy eating, Joyful Thursday, don't forget to decompress and have fun, with an ugly holiday sweater contest, and Fit Friday, discussing the importance of exercise and how it can reduce stress, increase energy and improve mood.