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FHS Technical Theatre Production students carry on spooky tradition

Several Folsom High students in Michael Mosier's Technical Theatre in Production class designed and created a spooky scene in the staff break room for the staff's annual Halloween potluck, taking over a long-standing tradition at the school.

In the 12 previous years past, now retired 3D Design Teacher Debbie Greene had transformed the employee break room for their annual Halloween employee potluck. This year on the thirteenth year, students took over the spooky fun and hard work so the tradition didn't end.

FHS senior Jade Cabebe said her and her classmates were thrilled. They started researching and designing the set and props to decorate back in August and worked up until Oct. 26 the morning of the potluck. It took them five days to set up the display in the break room for teachers and staff.

Mosier pointed out the students volunteered to do the project and spent many hours of their own time to create a special scene for teachers and staff at FHS.

You may recognize some of the ghostly figures in the portraits shown in this video because they are staff members made out to look like ghosts!

Many staff members said they appreciated the hard work the students put into this and were glad the tradition continued on.