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Flowers for FCUSD Nurses

Flowers     FCUSD staff and students show care & gratitude❤Nurses

Equity Leaders in the District got together with a great idea to support fellow staff members, our FCUSD nurses. In the words of FCUSD teachers and Equity Leaders Jessica Waugh & Marissa Floyd, "nurses have been so incredibly strong during the pandemic. We see someone who is going through a unique challenge, and we may not be able to fully relate, but we can empathize with them and use our resources to support them and amplify their voices.” So what did they do? Looped in Cordova High School teacher Sydney Smith and her students in the CTE Ornamental Horticulture Program to design floral arrangements as gifts of gratitude. Equity Leaders personally funded and surprised nurses throughout the District with beautiful flower arrangements.  Smiles all around. 😊      

Director of Health Services, Kerri Kaye shared, “the unexpected recognition of the work done by our awesome team of School Nurses coupled with the talents of our CHS students and thoughtfulness of the Equity team was a boost in our month! Thank you to everyone who took the time to create the arrangements, deliver them and show our School Nurses how much you care!


As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday season, we want everyone to how grateful we are for our students, teachers, and staff who truly appreciate and support each other.