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SURVEY: District's spending plan for student success

Share your Voice: FCUSD Local Control Accountability Plan

Page 1 of the 2018-19 LCAP Infographic The state of California directs a greater share of public education funding to high-need schools, and requires districts to plan for and show how these funds are spent in a document called a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP is a state-mandated document that must be updated each year to ensure that the District not only is targeting its services and expenditures toward our highest-need students, but also to measure whether those actions are meeting the desired outcomes. 
We can't identify our highest areas of need without working with all of our stakeholders - our employees, families, students, and community members - to identify what those are. That's what this page is for: To provide an overview of our current LCAP, then give you a chance to provide the District with feedback. Your input will be used as we update and make revisions to next year’s LCAP. 
Step 1: Watch our 2018-19 LCAP Presentation
The video, below, will provide background on the purpose of the LCAP, offer summaries of the goals, actions, services, and desired outcomes of our current-year LCAP, and then conclude with a survey you can take to provide your input. 

Want to dig deeper into the LCAP? 

View our two-page easy infographic here.   

View our in-depth, 11-page infographic here.

The full, official LCAP document can be found here. 


Step 2: Take our survey

Now that we’ve taken the time to review highlights of this year’s LCAP, it’s time to get your input as we propose drafts to next year’s plan. Use any of the links below. The deadline to take our online survey is 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, April 23.

Questions? Contact FCUSD Communication & Community Engagement at (916) 294-9000 ext. 104530 or