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Statement regarding Folsom Middle Incident

Below is a statement from the Folsom Cordova Unified School District in response to community concerns and news reports regarding the District’s handling of a student disciplinary matter, in which a student was severely injured.

The District wants to be clear: What happened to this young man was terrible. Every parent wants us to keep their children from getting hurt at school, and we are sorry this happened. There is nothing more important than the physical and emotional safety of our children, and we are here to do whatever we can to help this student continue to improve and recover quickly.

Earlier today our District leadership met with a family advocate and leader in the NAACP, who brought forward concerns and additional information to our attention. Based on new information received, the District does not believe it asked enough questions in its review of this matter. We are ordering an outside, independent investigation into this incident so that we can ensure we’re doing everything possible to support our students’ needs.

Here is what the District knows so far: Earlier in November, a Folsom Middle parent notified the school that their child had been seriously injured after an incident with another student during a field trip. The school immediately launched an investigation and, after interviewing witnesses and those involved, implemented disciplinary consequences. We understand that the student who was injured continues to feel unsafe, so we are working with the families to take appropriate measures.

It is a fact that Folsom Cordova has experienced challenges related to bullying and race in recent years. We own these challenges, we are working hard to improve, and we know we have much work ahead.  Folsom Cordova cares deeply for the welfare of our students and recognizes it is important for our schools to reflect on what’s working and where we can improve. That means it is critical we keep open the lines of communication with our community and partners and continue to lead difficult conversations.