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Folsom Middle student council donates school supplies to White Rock Elementary

White Rock Elementary has something to be thankful for after Folsom Middle School found themselves with a surplus of school supplies from winning a contest, their student council decided to give the supplies to White Rock instead of keeping them.

Folsom Middle won $1,000 worth of school supplies in October from Schools Financial Credit Union's Tools for Schools contest after the PTO entered the contest. The supplies were turned over to the student council to decide what do with them, and they thought it would be great to help another school out that could use the supplies. They chose White Rock Elementary in Rancho Cordova.

Student Council President Cayden Pitzer and Student Council Treasurer Zoe Carpenter visited White Rock Elementary with their Principal Larry Mahoney on Oct. 24 to deliver the school supplies to the school and meet with representatives from White Rock's student council.

White Rock Principal Canen Peterson and his students were so grateful for the donation. What a great way to give back and be an example to younger students of paying it forward!