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Q&A: FCUSD schools closed Nov. 16

Due to persistent unhealthy air quality conditions all District schools and offices will remain closed on Friday, Nov. 16.

There will be no bus service Friday due to our district-wide school closure. Schools are closed next week for Thanksgiving break.

Below is a detailed set of answers to some of the most common questions we are receiving from our staff and families.

Why did the District choose to close school?
Air quality continued to worsen in recent days, particularly in Rancho Cordova - where more of our students lack personal transportation and must walk or bike to school longer distances. Reports of respiratory illness increased among students and staff in recent days, particularly in our schools where more students walk or bike to school. Additionally, absences in some of our school neighborhoods most impacted by poor air quality began to increase throughout the week, which could cause those students to fall behind academically.

Will students and staff have to make up the missed school and work days due to the closure? If so, when?
Yes. District leadership is in the process of determining potential dates for rescheduling the missed school and work days, which will tentatively be set for early 2019. We will issue final details once they are confirmed.

Will employee pay be interrupted or docked due to this week’s school closures?

Are parent-teacher conferences cancelled? If so, will they be rescheduled?
Yes. Conferences will be rescheduled once school resumes after the Thanksgiving break.

I’m an employee. When do I return to work?
After Friday, Nov. 16, please resume your usual work schedule.

I’m a teacher. Can I come into my classroom and work on my own?
Reporting to your campus on Friday, Nov. 16 is strictly voluntary. Work directly with site Principal for designated campus access.

Are field trips or other planned events cancelled?
Field trips, sporting events, and other planned special events are cancelled through Friday, Nov. 16. If able, sites and programs should reschedule. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your supervisor.

I didn’t receive the emergency phone call, text message, or e-mail that was sent to families and employees. What happened?
We have received a small number of reports that some of our employees and families did not receive our mass notifications on Nov. 14 announcing the District closure. We are looking into the matter and working to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

In the meantime, it is critical that all employees and families ensure they have updated their contact information with their schools or the District. Here is what you can do:

Parents/Guardians: If you did not receive any of our mass notifications, please contact your school office to check the contact information they have on file for your family. If the information is correct, please call our FCUSD Communication & Community Engagement office at (916) 294-9000 ext. 104530.

Employees: If you did not receive any of our mass notifications, please login to TalentEd Records, login using your District credentials, and update your contact information choosing “Blank Docs” and selecting “Address and/or Phone Change.” Complete the form and submit.

Where can I go to learn more about air quality?

Thank you for your patience and partnership during this challenging time for our school communities across the region. Any updates will be provided as they are available and as quickly as possible at