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PCDS 2021-2022 Student/Parent Handbook


Prospect Community Day School

Middle and High School



2021 - 2022






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Revised 8/4/2021, AS


Prospect CDS Staff Directory                                 3

School Philosophy                                                 4

Prospect CDS Goals                                              4

Program Overview                                                 4

Parent/Guardian Involvement Opportunities             5

Student Involvement Opportunities                         6

Prospect CDS Dress Code                                      6

Campus Rules                                                       7

Bullying Policy                                                       10

Health Concerns                                                   11

Disciplinary Actions                                               11

Rewarding Success                                               12

PCDS Level System                                               12

A "Routine" Day                                                    13

Bus Transportation and Conduct                            13

Grading Policy                                                       14

Homework Policy                                                   14

Make up work Policy                                               15

Progress Reports and Report Cards                        15

Prospect CDS Placement                                        15

The "Review" Process                                             15

Nondiscrimination and/or sexualharassment complaint process 16








Revised 8/4/202, AS

                                       Prospect CDS Staff

Ms. Michelle Flowers, Principal    
Mr. Allen Sims, Assistant Principal
Ms. Melissa Robledo, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Chris Anderson, Registrar
Ms. Eryn Lawson, Clerk
Ms. Christine Portney, Counselor
Ms. Adrienne Herbst , Language Arts
Mr. Paul Wolter, Social Studies
Mr. Tim Kalmer, Math
Ms. Roxanne Hatfield, Science
Mr. Zack Masters, Physical Education
Mr. Ian Duncan, Beginning Metals
Ms. MiChele Matsumura, RSP/SDC
Mr. Mo Jabbari , Teaching Assistant
Ms. Knox, MHA
Ms. Latoia Whitaker, BSA
Ms. Karlie Clemmons, BSA
Mr. Josh Eck, BSA
Ms. Ayumi Yamada, MFT
Ms. Elizabeth lee, MFT
Mr. Nathan Harris, Psychologist
Ms. Dianne Aquino, School Nurse
Ms. Amber Dimas, Health Clerk
Mr. Dennis Johnson, Head Custodian
Mr. Brian Stamps, Custodian





Revised 8/4/2021, AS

         All staff may be contacted through the main office at:

                                    (916) 294-9060

                           Fax Number: (916) 294-9075

       The primary focus of the Prospect Community Day program is to provide a safe and comprehensive day program that enhances personal responsibility and educational growth. Our job is to accept all appropriately placed students, identify and correct those behaviors which caused or contributed to them becoming unsuccessful in a traditional school setting, and return them to a comprehensive program, postured for success, at the earliest opportunity.

• Increase student’s personal responsibility for his or her attendance, behavior, and education
• Improve student’s learning skills and academic performance
• Improve student’s ability to weigh options and make better decisions
• Increase student’s educational time
• Reduce truancy rates
• Maximize the opportunity for students to return to a more traditional district program or complete their GED or California High School Proficiency Examination
• Staff and students will treat each other with courtesy and respect.
• Staff will provide counseling and guidance for individual students.
• Teachers and students will work together to plan each student’s course work to accommodate his/her ability and learning style.
• The environment will encourage students to develop understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity and promote positive interaction.
• The instructional program will provide assessment, prescription, and evaluation based on individual student need and interest.
• Varied opportunities will enable students to learn how family, social, and environmental living relates to citizenship and civic responsibility.
• Staff will encourage students to earn a high school diploma as preparation for entering college, pursuing occupational training, or seeking employment.
• The curriculum will provide instruction leading toward vocational skills and/or economic independence.
• The curriculum will emphasize basic skills in all subject areas.

                                   PROGRAM OVERVIEW
Prospect CDS is a unique blend of academic courses and classroom instruction offered within the structure and discipline of a small school setting. The school contains a formal Middle School and High School, serving 7th through 12th grades. The program is organized as a Community Day School and, under law, could operate 12 months a year; however, currently we follow the regular FCUSD school year.






Revised 8/4/2021, AS

The average student is assigned to Prospect CDS for the year, though the intent is to have the student return to their home school. Students may leave Prospect CDS returning to the school from which they came when their Attendance, Behavior, and Class-work (ABC) meet or exceed program standards. Student progress is monitored by staff during the semester and officially “reviewed” during the end of the semester.

The desired outcomes for students attending Prospect Community Day include: developing better decision making skills, learning the value of collaborative skills, recovering missing academic credit, learning more constructive ways to deal with adversity, becoming more self-reliant and responsible.

We have established several clear expectations for the behavior we expect in all areas of our school. We will teach those expectations to the students and reward and recognize them frequently for appropriate behavior, with the goal being to bridge from extrinsic motivation to intrinsic. Our school rules specifically address behaviors that support success at school, provide for a safer school environment and with the ultimate goal of assisting students with “Making Review”, so they can successfully transition back to their home schools. Students receive daily feedback about their behavior regarding their level on our level system. Students are able to earn 46 points each day through demonstrating appropriate behaviors. Students are able to earn six points per class period by behaving in ways that are related to the school expectations. For example:

Be Present- I understand I need to have good attendance, grades, and behavior to make review and I commit to doing so. I will arrive to school on time and to each class on time every day. I will turn my phone into the office staff at the beginning of every day to avoid being distracted. I will come to school with an open mind and clear head.
Be Positive- I will keep my hands and feet to myself and avoid play fighting at all times. I will use school appropriate language and gestures with everyone. I will treat others with respect. I will dress appropriately and follow the dress code. I will follow staff directions the first time they are given and follow all school rules.
Be Productive- I accept that my choices have consequences, good and bad, and I will not blame others for those consequences. I will own my role in making review. I must have excellent attendance, positive behavior, and good grades (2.0, no F’s). I will be the best student I can be by taking responsibility for my education. I will continue to be successful when I return to my school by continuing to practice these Prospect expectations.

There are three levels for PROSPECT’s level system-
           Sabrehawk (the highest level)
           Firehawk (the middle level)
           Greyhawk- (the lowest level)

Students may have the opportunity to purchase items with their earned points on designated days at the student store. Students on higher levels also enjoy more school privileges than the students who are on other levels. We believe that by encouraging students to practice positive behaviors, we will promote student success at school.







Revised 8/4/2021, AS

• Attend New Student Entrance Orientation Meeting – Introduction and expectations of Prospect Community Day program and family partnership (required). ***Current IEPs are completed prior to this meeting.
• Make sure that the student has checked out of former school and all accounts have been cleared. ***Please bring a copy of check out grades to the orientation. These are your child’s grades and they need to be posted.
• Go over Progress Reports and Report Cards (end of each trimester or semester) – Help school staff remind your student the goal is to make review. Please be aware and review with students their grades, their behavior and ensure they are attending school.
• Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences – Reevaluation of expectations and goals; can be parent/guardian, teacher, or student cadet initiated; please make appointments, in advance, through the school office.
• Parents can access info about their student from parent portal website
• Parents / Guardians are responsible for clearing absences within 10 days of the absence.

• Classroom Involvement – participate in class discussions and activities; complete all class work; copy daily agendas; practice reasonable, respectful, and responsible behavior
• Homework Involvement –complete homework assignments and turn them in on time; obtain assistance when needed, either at home, or at school
• Weekly Progress Reports–some students are required to turn in a Weekly Progress Report with parent/guardian and instructor signatures; this is an important way for teachers/parents/guardians/cadets to monitor progress in classes on a consistent basis
• Lunchtime Involvement – practice reasonable, respectful, and responsible behavior
• Remediation – Attend remediation when in need of extra help.
• Fun Friday – Earn the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular activities on Fridays.


                       DRESS CODE REQUIREMENTS

Prospect Community Day dress standards are based on a desire to keep students safe and focus on academics. Any deviation is for the sole purpose of saving money for parent/guardians. A list of the basic standards is provided below.
          Uniform:   Clothing must be clean and presentable
Blue, Black, tan, brown denim Jeans (long pants, Jeans with no holes, tears or rips).
Prospect Community Day Issued T-Shirt (See Note 1)
Tennis Shoes/sneakers only (no boots or sandals/flip flops/slippers)
NO RED or BLUE showing on any article of clothing including belts and shoelaces
Grey, brown, or black belt (No ornate buckles allowed)
Unacceptable colors may be confiscated.

Note 1: Prospect Community Day Issued T-Shirt is acquired from the Admin office at Prospect Community Day School.








Revised 8/4/2021, AS

                         STUDENT DRESS STANDARDS

Blue, Black, tan, brown denim jeans long pants, tennis shoes/sneakers (no red or blue of any kind) and Prospect Community Day Issued T shirt is the correct uniform. (all jeans must be worn with a belt at waist level with no under garment showing). Uniforms must be clean and presentable. This policy may be enforced with suspension or alternative consequences. It is part of the students review process to come in the proper dress code. Failure to do so can result in staying at Prospect CDS for a longer period of time. No additional clothing allowed under the uniform other than appropriate undergarments

All Gang Related Apparel/Activity Prohibited:
No reds or blues ALLOWED. This includes shoe laces, hair bands, scarves, or belts, etc. No Exceptions! Any item of clothing or apparel, including belt buckles, which displays gang, drug, or hate group symbols is prohibited. This includes but is not limited too, reds, blues, S, N, HHH, 888, 4:20, Scrap, Blood, Cuz, 13, 14, North, South, any area codes. Cold weather garments are scrutinized in that some may be deemed inappropriate for school use.

Cold Weather Attire:
Coats, Jackets and Sweatshirts are authorized during periods of poor/cold weather. However, they must comply with the standards outlined elsewhere. For example, jackets with covered faces (skulls, etc…) reds, blues, trench coats, etc are not allowed. Hoods need to be off while indoors.

Hair must be groomed and maintained.

No hats or headgear of any kind are allowed at school or bus stops including bandanas, do rags, baseball caps, beanies, etc.

****Violations of the dress standards may result in: In-House suspension and or Home suspension, other consequences, not passing of review, and or enforcement of original expulsion order.

***These rules apply from the time that a student leaves home and is on their way to school. Violation of these rules may jeopardize your child’s opportunity to be successful and pass review.

                                    CAMPUS RULES
Other School Campus: All Prospect Students must be separate from Kinney students. This means not being on Kinney Campus or interacting with Kinney students (Education Code Section 48661 (a)). Students are to be off of and stay away from other FCUSD school campuses.









Revised 8/4/2021, AS

Contraband: Contraband includes items prohibited by school rules but does not include items which violate state or local laws. These items include, but are not limited to, hats, beanies, CD, MP3 players, and tape players, cell phones, pagers, IPOD’s, any electronic devices, make-up and colored lip gloss, playing cards, dice, cameras (without prior approval), sun flower seeds, gum, and inappropriate photos. Contraband will be confiscated and returned that day, and in some cases only returned to parent/guardian. Exceptions include gum, sunflower seeds, gang related / themed items, and gambling devices which are discarded; and offensive materials which may be returned only to parent/guardians.
***These rules apply from the time that a student leaves home and is on their way to school. Violation of these rules will jeopardize your child’s opportunity to make review.

Items/Materials which Violate State Law: Items which violate state/local laws include, but are not limited to, drugs, weapons, alcohol, explosive devices including fireworks and lighters, sexually explicit materials (notes, letters, photos, magazines, etc), controlled substances including undocumented medications, over the counter medications, tobacco products and dangerous objects. Materials which violate state or local laws may result in disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion.

Social Rules: Prospect Community Day teaches and enforces commonly accepted social behaviors. Actions such as using profanity, spitting, primping outside restroom areas and acts of rudeness including gestures, are but some of the behaviors which will invite a staff intervention. ***Parents keep in mind that the “Rules” applying to Prospect Community Day also apply to the bus rides going to and from school. Failure to follow these rules may result in suspension from bus and or school.

Private Vehicles: The front parking lot is reserved for staff and visitors. Students must park their cars either along the street. Students and visitors are not permitted to park in the parking lots across the street from the school or south of the school. They are on private property and vehicles parked there may be towed at the owner’s expense. For the safety of staff and students, all students driving a car to school must possess a valid California driver’s license and at least minimal liability insurance. For their safety, students crossing Kilgore Road and/or Folsom Blvd. must use the crosswalks provided. Neither the school district nor the school is responsible for any personal property brought onto school grounds.

                  Skateboards / Bicycles/ Skates/ Scooter

No skating or bicycling is allowed on campus. Students who ride bicycles to school should walk the bicycles from the campus entrance to the bicycle rack. Students are responsible for the security of their own bicycles, skates, skateboards and scooters. Bicycles and motor scooters must be parked at the bicycle rack, which is on campus. Students are responsible for the security of their own bicycles. A lock is recommended. A skateboard rack is in the main office for skateboard lockup.

Personal Contact: Touching is not permitted between students (boy-girl, girl-girl, or boy-boy). This includes pushing, shoving, horse play, holding hands, kissing, or any other form of personal contact. Boyfriend/girlfriend combinations may receive a 10 foot exclusionary zone if they cannot comply with the "no touching" rule. This rule also applies to bus rides going to and from school.

Lunches: Prospect Community Day lunches are provided in the same manner as other sites in the District. Students pay full fare, reduced, or receive a free lunch. In rare cases, some students attempt to sell their lunch. In example, "I get mine free. If you give me $1.50, you can have mine. You save a dollar and I make a $1.50." This act may result in disciplinary action. Parents please note that if your child needs to pay; monies must be on account or present for your child to eat. ***Students are NOT allowed to bring candy, energy drinks, gum, sunflower seeds, etc….








Revised 8/4/2021, AS

Tobacco Policy: It is the intent of the Folsom-Cordova Unified School District Board of Education to comply with State Law AB816. Therefore, Students shall not possess, smoke or use tobacco, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine, while on campus, while attending school-sponsored activities, or while under the supervision and control of district employees. Prohibited products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, miniature cigars, clove cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew packets, and betel. (Education Code 48900, 48901) Students' possession or use of electronic cigarettes, electronic hookahs, and other vapor-emitting devices, with or without nicotine content, that mimic the use of tobacco products is also prohibited. The use of tobacco products is prohibited at all times on district property and in district vehicles. This prohibition applies to all students, employees, visitors, and other persons. Smoking within 1,000 feet of campus or bus stops is strictly prohibited. Smoking to or from school is prohibited. Students are prohibited from bringing any items associated with tobacco products. Such items will be confiscated and will result in suspension. The new law states that the age to possess tobacco products is now 21 years old.

Personal Property: The Folsom-Cordova Unified School District and its employees are not responsible for the loss of personal property. Please do not bring unnecessary money (over 10.00 – unless prior arrangements to purchase uniform items has been made) or expensive items to school. Your personal property is YOUR responsibility. The School District does not carry insurance for the loss of personal property for staff or student cadets. ***Note any items of a non-food item will be returned at the end of the day along with a 1 day suspension from school. We will not keep items unless the item is deemed dangerous by state or federal law.

Safety Searches: School officials may conduct searches of pupils and their personal belongings while on school property or at school-sponsored events. Searches of pupils and personal belongings will be conducted when there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the search will provide evidence that the pupil is violating the law and/or school regulations. The scope of the search will be related to the objectives of the search, the age and sex of the pupil, and the nature of the violation. By way of example, and not limitation, "personal belongings" includes: backpacks, brief cases, bags, et cetera. Searches are also conducted of school property under joint control. "School property" under joint control includes lockers and desks. Lockers are school property under the joint control of the school and the pupil. There is no expectation of privacy. The District may search lockers, or any other school property under joint control, at any time. Searches may be random and without cause of any kind. Automobiles parked on the school premises or in the school parking lot are subject to search when officials have reason to believe weapons, drugs, or objects prohibited by school policy or state law are contained therein. Canines may be used to search a pupil’s personal belongings and vehicles and school property under joint control. Canine searches will be used to search a pupil’s person when either (1) there are reasonable grounds to suspect a particular pupil of wrongdoing; or (2) the District determines that the school has a drug crisis or problem. Students and/or property (vehicles, backpacks and cell phones, etc.) may be searched for contraband by school personnel in an effort to maintain a safe and orderly school environment where education may be accomplished in an atmosphere of law and order. Any student who leaves school without permission is subject to a search of their property upon their return to school (in the same day). Prospect Community Day conducts safety searches of Students. Our primary interest is to deter Students from bringing inappropriate/dangerous items. Searches may also be conducted at the bus stop; and to or from school. ***Note any items confiscated (which are not against the law) will be returned at the end of the day.










Revised 8/4/2021, AS

Backpacks are NOT allowed to be brought to school: Campus safety is our highest priority and, because backpacks and other such carry devices could contain drugs, weapons or dangerous objects, they are not allowed on campus. Boxes are provided and all jackets and outerwear will be secured daily. Do not send a child with clothing because they are going elsewhere after school. They will be sent on the bus they arrived on.*****NO pens, markers or highlighters are allowed on campus. Students are to come to school prepared to learn. We recommend they bring at least one sharpened pencil. (# 2 pencil or mechanical pencil—NO BLUES OR REDS)

Cell Phones: CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED AT PROSPECT. While cell phones are allowed on other campuses in the district, Prospect Community Day is an exception per district policy. Cell phones brought to school or bus stop, regardless of ownership, will be confiscated in accordance with other items outlined under contraband. **They will only be returned to the student at the end of the day. Students who bring cell phones and continue to refuse to follow the expectations will result in a failure to pass review, and or Suspension. If a student is found to be in possession of a phone or has hidden their phone, the phone will only be released to a parent. Our office closes at 3:45 p.m.

Closed Campus: Prospect Community Day is a closed campus with the following guidelines:
• Students may not leave campus without permission.
• Students may not visit or be upon any other campus' prior, during, or after regular school hours without prior administrative approval. This includes Kinney’s Campus
• Students may not attend any other school function or event, on or off campus, without written permission from the Prospect Community Day School Administration.
• Students will NOT be allowed to leave in another form of transportation without verbal confirmation with office staff, PRIOR to the day in question.
• Continued violation of the closed campus policy will result in disciplinary action and impede the student’s ability to pass review.

Sexual Harassment Prohibited sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, unwanted requests for sexual favors, or other unwanted verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made against another person of the same or opposite sex in the work or educational setting when: (Education Code 212.5; Government Code 12940; 5 CCR 4916) Sexual harassment, in any form, will result in disciplinary action. Continued harassment may result in suspension and or expulsion. ***Note: Continued harassment whether it is sexual or otherwise may result in civil prosecution.

Items in Classrooms: Students are not permitted to take any food item or beverage into any classroom; or any other place on campus except the cafeteria. Items brought to school for lunch, must be placed in designated area until lunch time. Lunches should be brought in a closed container. Rules covering types and colors still apply. Students violating this rule may have items confiscated and discarded.

Right to Privacy: At Prospect Community Day School we try to work with Parent/Guardians. We reserve the right to search, read notes, diaries, and materials (brought to school or written at school) and share the contents with the Students parents or guardians. We routinely mail items to parents so they may remain informed and initiate the actions they deem appropriate.


                                      BULLYING POLICY








Revised 8/4/2021, AS

Please visit the district website for the most up to date information regarding Bullying.

Bullying is defined as an aggressive behavior done with the intent to control or harm, involves a real or perceived imbalance of power. It is not considered bullying if two students of equal power joke around or fight. Bullying can be direct or indirect. It can take many forms including:
- Physical (hitting, kicking, biting, throwing things. Etc.)
- Verbal (name calling, teasing, taunting, insulting, etc.)
- Relational (gossip, exclusion or leaving people out, telling people not to be your friends, etc.)
- Cyber bullying (mean text messaging or internet activity)
- Discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying of students or staff, including sexual harassment, hate-motivated behavior, cyber bullying, hazing or initiation activity, extortion, or any other verbal, written, or physical conduct that causes or threatens to cause violence, bodily harm or substantial disruption (cf.5131.2 – Bullying)

                                      HEALTH CONCERNS
       Prescription medication—In order to give a student medication at school, we are required to have a completed school medication form signed by both the parent and doctor. The form needs to specify the student’s name, name of medication, the time and the dose of the medication, as well as the Physician’s name and contact number, and the Parent and an Emergency Contact phone number. A separate medication authorization form is required for each medication. BP#5140
       Over-the-counter medication—To receive “over-the-counter” medication at school, a completed “Parent Release for Non-Prescriptive Over-the-Counter Medication in School” form must be completed and signed by the parent. The medication must be brought to the School Office.
All medication must be brought to the school office in a labeled container with (1) the student’s name, (2) name of medication, (3) medication dose, and (4) time for medication. Medication will not be accepted in Ziploc bags, envelopes, or unmarked/incorrectly labeled bottles.
Medication forms may be obtained from the school office or downloaded from the Folsom Cordova Unified School District website at Click on DEPARTMENTS, then Support Services, then Health Programs, then Forms, then Parent/Physician Medical Release Form.
Vision screening—Students in grades 6 and 8 receive state mandated vision screening. You may request a vision screening for your student during the school year by contacting the school office and leaving a message for the School Nurse.
Hearing screening—Hearing screening is state mandated testing and is done for all 8th grade students. Please notify the School Nurse or school office if you would like to request a hearing screening for your child.
Scoliosis screening—All 7th grade girls and all 8th grade boys are mandated by the state to be assessed for scoliosis. If you choose not to have your child screened, please notify the School Nurse in writing.
Health concerns—If your child has any health needs, such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, orthopedic, or a diagnosed condition requiring a Doctor’s following, please note the information on the Confidential Health Form when registering your child. Please contact your School Nurse or School Office so a care plan can be put in place for your student.
Immunizations— If your student immunization status is incomplete, you will be notified about what immunizations are needed to meet District and State requirements.








Revised 8/4/2021, AS

Insurance—If you need assistance with insurance or finding a doctor for your child, please leave a message for the School Nurse, who will contact you regarding current resources.

                                 DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS
Non Traditional Consequences: Prospect CDS, whenever possible, prefers to use nontraditional consequences in lieu of off-site suspension within the realm of PBIS. Positive Behavior Supports include student reflections, mediation between students, and restorative justice conferences. On-site suspensions are also a possibility depending on student infraction.

Traditional Consequences: Prospect CDS is a public school and required to follow formal disciplinary procedures when more serious violations occur. Any act which involves violence, threats of violence, drugs, weapons, dangerous objects and/or violates state or local laws or threatens a safe school environment will result in Formal Discipline. Formal Discipline will result in off-site suspensions and could cause a recommendation for expulsion. Formal Discipline becomes the only option for students who REFUSE to accept a lesser, nontraditional, consequence.

                                  REWARDING SUCCESS

Character Building: Students takes the time to recognize success. It is our intent to foster self-esteem, a strong sense of self-worth, and a renewed perception of individual capabilities. To this end, Students making good choices or exceeding standards are eligible for an array of rewards. Some of the more common are trips off campus, food items, student store, etc.

Field Trips: Public sponsors provide the support to recognize overall accomplishment two or three times per year. Field trips recognize excellence in Attendance, Behavior, Class-work and Citizenship. These trips provide a chance for pro-social behaviors. Dress standards apply to all school sponsored events.

                                   PCDS Level System







Revised 8/4/2021, AS


                                     A "ROUTINE" DAY
Parents frequently ask, "What is a normal day like?" During a "normal" day the following events occur.

8:45am - 11:42am 1st through 3rd periods
11:42 - 12:12pm Lunch
12:15 - 3:27pm 4th through7th periods

Note: three minute passing periods occur between every period.

Note: No task is complete until it is done correctly. Fluctuations may occur depending on Student turbulence.

Assigned Areas
• Students are expected to be in assigned classrooms or other designated location. This includes appropriate place in the classroom. (Location: i.e.: Study hall, Computer area, Approved Break Area)
• Off Limits: Teacher and Assistant desk areas and cabinets
• Pass issued by staff needed to leave classroom










Revised 8/4/2021, AS

Office – Non Prospect Community Day School Areas
• Students are to have permission to go the office

Behavior Management System
• Students are expected to follow the directions of all staff members.
• Behavior is an important part of any person’s success in life.
• It is important for each person to assume responsibility for one’s own actions.
The PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) behavior management system is utilized by the Prospect Community Day School and emphasizes a non-confrontational approach.

                     BUS TRANSPORTATION & CONDUCT
The Folsom-Cordova Unified School District will transport Prospect Community Day students from approved bus stops in Rancho Cordova and Folsom free of charge. A bus schedule is provided during the Intake process. Questions regarding bus schedules or transportation services may be directed to the Prospect Community Day School office. If a concern arises during non-business hours for Prospect Community Day School, Transportation may be called at 631-0401.

The school bus and bus stops are extensions of the school, and are covered by school and district policies. Students who ride the bus should practice courteous behavior which promotes a safe and comfortable environment. Dressing, undressing, and/or changing clothing on the bus is not permitted. It is important student:

• Arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled time
• Dressing, undressing, and/or changing clothing at the bus stop or on the bus is not permitted
• Remain at the bus stop for 30 minutes following scheduled arrival.
• Respect property owner rights by keeping a clean, litter free bus stop.
• Respect the rights and property of others on the bus and at the bus stop.
• Always enter and leave the bus through the entrance door except in emergencies.
• Remain seated with feet, legs, and other objects out of the aisle while the bus is in motion.
• Keep all parts of the body inside the bus.
• Throwing objects and or spitting out the window will result in disciplinary action.
• Help keep the bus safe and free from litter by not eating or drinking on the bus.
• Be courteous and respectful to the bus driver, other passengers, and passersby.
• Adhere to the requests of the bus driver.
• Keep Noise level down- No profanity is allowed
• Bus suspensions may occur for various days (1 day, 5 days, 10 days or semester length).
(Note: The bus tapes are reviewed frequently any violations will be dealt with.)

Student who display inappropriate behavior on the bus or at the bus stop are subject to disciplinary consequences. When appropriate, students may be suspended and instructed to return home from the bus stop. These consequences may be administered by site staff or the Transportation Department. The Transportation Department and or school administration reserves the right to suspended/revoke bus riding privileges. Students suspended from the bus are still required to attend school.







Revised 8/4/2021, AS
*****Students are NOT allowed to switch bus stops. Students are also NOT allowed to ride home to a different bus stop, even with parent / guardian permission.

                                  GRADING POLICY
Class-work and Homework are due on the date assigned by the respective teacher. Teachers do not have to accept work beyond the due date. Work submitted beyond the due date may not receive full credit. The standard for Grades is:
A = Superior 4
B = Above Average 3
C = Average 2
D = Below Average 1
F = Failing 0
NC=No Credit Insufficient work completed to award credit

                                  HOMEWORK POLICY
***If your child is NOT bringing homework home, contact the teacher and then the principal. Teacher: 294-9060 ask for teacher of record

Prospect CDS assigns homework every Monday/Tuesday of the school year. Homework is integral to maintaining the skills necessary to return to a comprehensive site and remain successful. Assigned work is not excessive, requiring about 30 minutes per night. Homework is weighted at about 20%. Students failing to complete Homework may reduce their semester grade by one letter grade including a "D" becoming an "F". Interventions and remediation may be assigned for students failing to complete assignments.

                              MAKE UP WORK POLICY
Make up work can be requested if student is absent. Please contact the teacher or the front office. It will take at least 24 hours for staff to prepare the work for pick up. If a student's absence is excused under Education Code 48205, he/she shall be allowed to complete any missed assignment or test that can be reasonably given, as determined by the teacher of that class. The student shall be given full credit for the assignment or test if he/she satisfactorily completes the assignment or test within a reasonable period of time. (Education Code 48205)

                      PROGRESS REPORT/REPORT CARDS
Please visit Prospect Community Day School’s website for important news and updates Parents and guardians can view student grades in PowerSchool. Students should communicate with staff to always know what their class grade is. Student progress reports are mailed home if students are in danger of failing. Report cards are mailed at the end of each semester.









Revised 8/4/2021, AS

Prospect Community Day School is NOT a voluntary placement program. Parents/Guardians cannot place students at Prospect Community Day School nor can they remove student so as to attend another District program once assigned. Parents are consulted and frequently agree, but placement is a District option. Three different offices-committees have the authority to place students at Prospect CDS.
     Attendance and Due Process (ADP) may place students with Prospect CDS as a product of an Expulsion, temporary placement pending an Expulsion, or Disciplinary Transfer in lieu of Expulsion.
      The Alternative Education Committee, acting upon a referral from the student's current school, may also place students at Prospect Community Day School.
      Finally, The School Attendance Review Board (SARB) may place students who are experiencing truancy or tardiness problems at Prospect CDS.

                                THE "REVIEW" PROCESS
Students referred to Prospect CDS become eligible to leave when they have completed the minimum period of time assigned by Attendance and Due Process (ADP). This period varies, but is often about one semester or one half of a school year. Prospect CDS is required to "review" each student's progress as they become eligible to depart and make a recommendation to the assigning authority.
       The "review" considers three aspects of student success; attendance, behavior, and class-work. Per ADP Attendance: Your student is to maintain 95% positive attendance with no excessive truancies, unexcused absences, or tardies . Class-work/Academics: Your Student must have a 2.0 GPA (“C” average) with NO “F’s”. Behavior: Your student must not be involved in incidents that violate any state; school; district laws, rules, or policies; or have any criminal code violations. Your student is to have no suspendable offenses. Students will maintain their behavior level of Firehawk or above 85% percent of the time while attending Prospect Community Day School.
      Students will be recommended for return to their school of origin or recommended for retention at Prospect CDS based solely on their progress in these three areas. There are clearly defined standards within each of these areas and students are provided classes on these standards multiple times annually.
The responsibility for earning a good (leaving) review or causing a bad (being retained) review rests solely on the student. Parents and Prospect CDS staff may support, counsel and assist, but the quality of the choices each student makes will determine the outcome.
   ****Note: If your child is receiving services through the Student Support Services an IEP is typically scheduled the day after reviews. If you have any questions please contact your case manager for your child.
       When a student receives a review, all relevant information within the three areas of measure (attendance, behavior and class-work) is placed on a Review Form. The process is anonymous. Student names are replaced with a number to insure a fair and impartial review. A panel of staff members conducts the review and when the process is complete, names are added. This allows the panel members to see, for the first time, who received a good or bad review.

Parents! The best person to ask about the projected outcome of a review is your student. They know! They are taught the expectations and they know, better than anyone else, what they have or have not done. The Prospect CDS staff is often reviewing 30-50 students at a time, and until a name is attached to the review form, we do not know.














Revised 8/4/2021, AS

Nondiscrimination Statement
The Folsom Cordova Unified School District prohibits discrimination, intimidation, harassment (including sexual harassment) or bullying based on a person’s actual or perceived ancestry, color, disability, race or ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity or gender expression, immigration status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For concerns/questions or complaints, contact the Title IX Coordinator(s) and Equity Compliance Officer(s): Curtis Wilson, (grades K-5) and Jim Huber, ED. D., (grades 6-12), 1965 Birkmont Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 96742, 916-294-9000 ext.104625

Nondiscrimination and/or Sexual Harassment Complaint Process
The Governing Board is committed to maintaining a safe school environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. The Board prohibits sexual harassment of students at school-sponsored or school-related activities. The Board also prohibits retaliatory behavior or action against any person who reports, files a complaint or testifies about, or otherwise supports a complainant in alleging sexual harassment. (BP 5145.7)
A complaint concerning unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying may be filed only be a person who alleges that he/she personally suffered unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying or by a person who believes that an individual or any specific class of individuals has been subjected to it. The complaint shall be initiated no later than six months from the date when the alleged discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying occurred, or six months from the date when the complaint first obtained knowledge of the facts of the alleged discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying. However, upon written request by the complainant, the Superintendent or designee may extend the filing period for up to 90 days. (5 CCR 4630)