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VIDEOS: Cordova High students deliver TED-style speeches

Those viral TED Talk videos you see in your social media feeds? Cordova High students in the school’s International Baccalaureate Programme recently created and delivered their own inspirational speeches before an audience of students, teachers, and community members. 

Earlier this year, Cordova High School’s Performing Arts Theatre hosted a regional “Learn2Learn” event, in which participants - students and educators - were tasked with creating TED-style talks about what it means to be a lifelong learner. 

Career Technical Education students also built the custom set used for the stage’s backdrop, and media students recorded video of every speech! 

Click the links below to see the students and adults in action: 

Cierra Coleman and Yelena Pavlus, Cordova High IB Program students

Antoinette Aho, Cordova High IB Program student

Amy Strawn, FCUSD IB Coordinator

Heather Garcia, Natomas Unified schools assistant superintendent

Joseph Amabile, IB coordinator from Michigan

Phil Evans, IB Development Specialist

-videos by the student media program at Cordova High School; Josh Creeger, instructor,