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Board of Education district-area map

We are pleased to announce that on June 9, 2020, the Sacramento County Committee on School District Organization unanimously approved the district-area map submitted by the FCUSD Board of Education to conduct future Board member elections by-trustee areas, rather than at-large. Map #5 was approved. To view the map, please visit:

Previously, in an at-large election, candidates for the Board of Education could reside anywhere within FCUSD’s district boundaries.  With the recent Board and County Committee approval, future Board elections, beginning with the November 2020 election will be designed by-trustee areas where the district is divided into smaller regions.  The residents in each region vote for the candidate of their choice from their area but do not vote on candidates running for the school board in other regions. 

At the upcoming election, November 3, there will be two Board Member seats up for re-election that will be chosen by voters residing in Areas 2 and 4 on the new district-area map.

You can look up your home address by clicking on the link to view the interactive map on this website:

To learn more about the newly adopted district-area map, the governing cycle of our current board members, and to see a timeline of the decision-making process that was followed for determining the move to a district-area map, please visit: