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VIDEOS: Several honored for Excellence in Special Education

An awards ceremony was held on May 9 at the Education Service Center Boardroom to honor people in the Folsom Cordova community with and award of Excellence in Special Education for the 2017-2018 school year. 
The following people were honored at the event: Administrator Larry Mahoney, Principal at Rancho Cordova Elementary, Classified Employee,Tia Costa, Instructional Aide at Cordova High, Alyssa Koppel, student at Sutter Middle, Kim Knecht, Gen. Ed .Teacher at Rancho Cordova Elementary, Bea McCloud, community member/parent at Gold Ridge Elementary, Jen Kothe, Related Service Provider, Occupational Therapist with district, and Ivy Monahan, Special Education Teacher at Natoma Station Elementary.  
Click on the honorees' name to watch a video highlighting the work they do to support students in our special education programs.