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Results from our School Year Calendar Survey

Last month, we asked our families, students, and employees for their input on two potential calendars for the 2018-19 school year. While not a formal vote, our survey was a chance for our Board of Education to solicit feedback before deciding on a final calendar.

A majority of families and employees who were surveyed preferred Calendar A, with a traditional two-week Winter Break, while student leaders who were polled preferred Calendar B and its proposed extended Winter Break for an academic inter-session.

Here’s an overview of the survey results:

The major difference between the calendar options: Calendar A is the same calendar the District is currently using, with a two-week Winter Break, while Calendar B included a three-week Winter Break to provide an academic inter-session for students struggling with course credits. (For a detailed look, click here.)

Nearly 3,000 people were surveyed, most of them online. Here’s a breakdown of participation: 

  • 2,282 families
  • 434 teachers
  • 183 staff (non-teachers)
  • 45 administrators
  • 28 students (polled during FCUSD Student Advisory Board meeting)

Results Summary: Families and Employees
Here are results by survey question:

Question 1: Please tell us your overall preference between Calendar A (two-week break) and Calendar B (three-week break):

  • 65% of families preferred Calendar A
  • 59% of teachers preferred Calendar A
  • 55% of staff (non-teachers) preferred Calendar A
  • 51% of administrators preferred Calendar A

Question 2: By understanding that the purpose of the extended Winter Break in Calendar B would be to help struggling high school students improve their grades, are you more likely to support Calendar B?

  • 77% of families responded “no”
  • 82% of teachers responded “no”
  • 85% of staff (non-teachers) responded “no”
  • 48% of administrators responded “yes”

Question 3: If you responded “no” to the previous question, please select a factor that would cause you to support an academic inter-session for high school students during Winter Break: 

  • 69% of families responded no factor would change their minds
  • 73% of teachers responded no factor would change their minds
  • 71% of staff (non-teachers) responded no factor would change their minds
  • 22% of administrators responded no factor would change their minds, while 39% said similar academic interventions for K-8 students would influence their opinion, and the other 39% listed a variety of factors that would influence their opinion.

Results Summary: Students
At a recent Student Advisory Board meeting, where student government leaders from our schools convene to discuss District issues, students considered the benefits and disadvantages of the two instructional calendar options for the 2018-19 school year. When polled, eight students preferred Calendar A, and 20 preferred calendar B.

Next steps: 
The FCUSD Board of Education is scheduled to vote on one of the two options at its next meeting tonight (Thursday, Dec. 14). Questions? Contact 916-294-9000 ext. 104530 or