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Video: Former Oak Chan student returns to teach

Video and story by Jason Novik, FCUSD Communication Internship Program
Oak Chan Elementary school student Kira Montinola so loved her time in school, that as an adult, she jumped at the chance to begin teaching there. 
In fact, she now runs her own classroom next door to one of her former teachers, Mary Heth. 
Heth, who teaches third grade at Oak Chan Elementary School, has fond memories of Montinola as a young student. 
"She had a great sense of humor and had a wonderful smile," Heth said, adding that she couldn't have been more thrilled when finding out that her former student had the desire to come back and teach at Oak Chan. "Yes, in the back of my mind she's my little third grade student that I'm teaching with, but she is my coworker".
The bond they have created over the long years has helped them become better teachers and support each other. 
"This school and Mary is the reason that I am a teacher," Montinola said.