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Cordova Meadows students explore Yellowstone in video Q&A

Students Skype with a Yellowstone park ranger during a classroom activity In Room C-5 at Cordova Meadows Elementary one recent morning, fifth-graders eagerly logged onto their Chromebooks while teacher Ben Hillel booted up Skype.
In moments, Ranger Dawn with the National Park Service appeared on the smart board, donning her ranger hat in front of a forest green backdrop. It was time for the students to guess where she was. One by one, students peppered her with questions:
Was she on the East Coast? Was she in Los Angeles? How about Acadia National Park?
After several minutes of questions, they figured out Ranger Dawn was based in Yellowstone, and for the rest of class, students simultaneously researched at their desks during a wide-ranging Q&A with the virtual tour guide. They learned about everything from the regenerative benefits of wildfires to how geysers work to the differences between black bears and grizzly bears.
The experience was part of the National Park Services’ outreach to schools to help students explore far-away destinations in an engaging way - without ever leaving the classroom.
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