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Natoma Station Elementary fourth grader wins California Heritage Essay Contest

Fourth grade students from Natoma Station Elementary participated in the History in a Trunk and California Heritage Essay contest, with two school winners able to attend a reception for the winners on May 16.

The two winners from the school were Evelina Alekseev in Mr. Harding's class and Ellee Shelton in Mrs. Bridges class.  Ellee Shelton was announced the overall winner at the reception for the entire contest, with over 793 entries from California 4th grade students.

Sacramento is home to the California Governor's Mansion, built in 1877 and recently renovated, the mansion provides the basis for the History in a Trunk Program which is part of the fourth grade curriculum for every California student.

History in a Trunk takes historical pieces from the Governor's Mansion into our schools for fourth graders to learn about. The Assistance League of Sacramento members dress up in costumes from the late 1800's, present a slide show and a trunk full of items used in the mansion in the late 1800's and early 1900's to learn about. Those members have historically conducted public tours of the Governor's Mansion as well.


Essay Contest Winner